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Introductory as well as intermediate data focused courses: the Infobiology initiative

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the Revelo effect

Revelo Datalabs is a small company of people with years of academic research experience. We are both bioinformaticians and infobiologists and we come from the benches of “wet” laboratories: this is why we know well the data-related bottlenecks researchers and clinicians have today. We believe in what we call the “the Revelo effect“, a sense of customer empowerment through our insights, and we intentionally design it in all our services and training sessions.

our Infobiology initiative

Upcoming Corses

We are the promoters of the Infobiology initiative in partnership with Euroclone Spa. In the past few years we have been delivering the “Revelo effect” to our customers through innovative in-person training sessions and on-site custom courses.

Introductory R for ResearchersMarch 11-12, 2020 @ ItalAcademy, Milan.
RNAseq Concepts & Analyses – May 9-10, 2020 @ Euroclone Headquarters, Pero-Milan.
Functional Genomics Analyses – June 6-7, 2020 @ Euroclone Headquarters, Pero-Milan.
Practical Statistics for Research
– October, 2020 @ Euroclone Headquarters, Pero-Milan.
Data Visualization & Reporting  – November, 2020 @ Euroclone Headquarters, Pero-Milan.