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EDUC8 Training Network

We are happy to announce that Revelo Datalabs is the training partner of the recently approved EDUC8 network, an Innovative Training Networks (ITN) funded by the European Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions.

Early Stage Researchers EDUCational Program on Factor VIII Immunogenicity (EDUC8) will focus on educational efforts of eight early stage researchers (ESRs) working on the identification of drug- and patient-related risk factors for the development of neutralizing anti-FVIII antibodies and development of innovative protocols for inducing tolerance to FVIII. The ESRs will receive training from highly skilled experts from both the private and academic sector.

Revelo Datalabs will be in charge of the RNA sequencing / transcriptomics and Functional Genomi cs training. In addition, training by leading clinical experts and by patient-driven organizations will provide a strong translational impact to the proposed studies.

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