Every year we organize courses and workshops focused on data literacy, manipulation and analyses, often with a specific focus on biomedical subjects and for a general public (Intro2R, PowerXL). Most of our courses are introductory and do not require any previous experience, while a few of them are intermediate and a previous scripting (R) experience would help: consult the description page for further details.
All courses advertised here have been designed and are delivered with our Infobiology approach, and all instructors are experienced practicing scientists sharing our vision, method and tools.

Infobiology goes virtual!

Starting spring 2020 the Revelo Training – Infobiology Initiative goes ONLINE: introducing a brand new live online-only formula.

Course labels:
[www] Our new online format (1h webinar + 1 self-preparatory week + 2 consecutive saturdays of instructor-led remote learning). > more info here <
[Ec] Courses, held in Pero (Milano) at Euroclone Headquarters during weekends (Saturday + Sunday).
[Ia] Courses organized in collaboration with Italacademy and held at Consorzio Italbiotec in via Fantoli (Milano) during the working weekdays.
[Cc] Tailored made courses (Custom courses), either in person or as remote online learning, organized upon specific requests from customers.

Upcoming Courses

(for detailed dates see description page of each course)

Introductory R for Everyone – (Intro2R) May-June 2020 [www]
Functional Genomics Analyses (FunG) – July 2020 [www]
RNAseq Concepts & Analyses (rNGS) – Sept. 2020 [www]
Introductory R for Researchers – (Intro2R) tbd [Ia] (to be confirmed)
Practical Statistics for Research (R4BS) – October, 2020 [Ec / www]
Data Visualization & Reporting (VizR) – November, 2020 [Ec / www]
Power Excel with VBA (PowerXL) – Dec. 2020 – January 2021 [Ec / www]

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Previous Editions


ESA Exome Sequencing Analysis (ESA) – April 6-7 [Ec]
Introductory R for Researchers (Intro2R) – April 11-12 [Ia]
Introductory R for Researchers (Intro2R) – May 11-12 [Ec]
Introduzione pratica alla Genomica Funzionale con Interfacce Grafiche – May 20,27 [Cc]
Functional Genomics with R (FunGR) – June 8-9 [Ec]
R for Biological Statistics (R4BS) – October 19-20 [Ec]
Excel applicato all’analisi statistica e alla rappresentazione di dati scientifici – November 25-26 [Cc]


R for Biological Statistics (R4BS) – October 27-28 [Ec]
Introductory R for Researchers (Intro2R) – November 8-9 [Ia]
Dai Geni ai Pathways: Genomica Funzionale con R (FunGR) – November 24-25 [Ec]


R for Biological Data (R4BD) – November 18-19 [Ec]